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Only Tables specializes in a market niche within the furniture industry, by the creation, development, and production of tables (mainly extensible) and their opening and supporting mechanisms.

It produces all kinds of tables, in the most varied woods, such as oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, beech. It is also prepared for veneers, as for the solid wood in various concepts, such as rustic, classic or contemporary.

A solid company with a young, dynamic and highly organized spirit, Only Tables develops and personalizes each project according to the needs and guidance of each client. All the products are thought to the detail, being projected by its design team through modern and effective 3D software, to guarantee a high quality, flexibility and reliability in its products, and by that, facilitate the choice of the client. On the other hand, Only Tables stands out by its service of proximity and advice, in order to maintain and establish lasting relationships with its clients.

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