Only Tables - Móveis Pêra, is a renowned and specialized company in the creation, development and production of tables (mainly extensible), with more than 25 years of  experience in the decoration / furniture sector, and has the know-how of a 46 highly skilled professionals team, much of them present from the beginning of the company.

Founded in 1991, Only Tables early stood out in the furniture market because of the way it designed and produced extensible tables, and for the efficient and reliable way it designed the respective mechanisms for opening and supporting tables.

Leader in this very specific market of table furniture, Only Tables prides itself by the way it has managed its sustained growth, over these more than 25 past years.

Having acquired its first CNC machine in 2004, the company currently has 5 machines of this type, 4 of which are equipped with 5-axis technology of the latest generation.

Located in Beire - Paredes, Only Tables has operated in its own facilities since 2001, expanded its area to 5,000 m2 in in 2014. In 2012, the company also optimized its CAD / CAM technical office, having today a very competent, cohesive development / design team, with up-to-date and high performance equipment / software.

The company has been increasingly expanding it operation markets, through partners who represent its products in all the countries of the world, many of them with a high degree of exigency, as much in the quality of the product, as in the quality of the service and consequent strict compliance with deadlines.

The credibility that Only Tables has with its customers today has been won thanks to the flexibility, partnership spirit, and by the commitment that the company faces the projects. Each customer is unique, and each developed project is unique to each customer.

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